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Information is key to good business decisions. MTS is committed to the success of South Dakota Businesses and Manufacturers and provides the following links as a starting point for your business research activities.

  • South Dakota Small Business Development Center
  • South Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center
  • Enterprise Institute
  • South Dakota Innovation Research
  • Governor's Office of Economic Development
  • South Dakota Department of Labor
  • South Dakota My Life (SD Dept. of Education)


South Dakota Small Business Development Center

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The South Dakota Small Business Development Center (SBDC) helps new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership and assists existing businesses in their efforts to remain competitive.

SBDC Network:

Through a network of six offices across the state and 1,100 SBDC offices around the country, we provide professional, confidential and no-cost business consulting services, including one-on-one counseling and training, to individuals starting a business or looking for ways to improve an existing business. 

Better Business Planning:

Since 1985, the South Dakota SBDC has helped clients obtain more than $747 million in financing, creating or preserving more than 13,101 jobs within the state.  SBDC services enable South Dakota's entrepreneurs to make better, more informed business decisions, to avoid costly mistakes, and to prepare thorough and complete business plans needed both to obtain financing and to effectively manage their venues.

Benefits of the SBDC:
  • One-on-one, confidential no cost business consulting
  • Assist existing businesses in remaining competitive in the complex marketplace of an ever-changing global economy
  • Research & industry benchmark comparisons
  • Development and improvement of business plans creating a roadmap for the business
  • Financial analysis and projections used to understand current conditions and plan for future expansion

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The SDSBDC is accredited by the national Association of SBDCs and is a statewide service in partnership with:

   Ready to Work America's SBDC


BusinessUSA is a collaborative effort to create a one-stop shop for everything related to business assistance. Small businesses can quickly connect the services and information relevant to them, regardless of where the information is located or which agency's website or office is contacted.


South Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center

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The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) provides technical expertise to South Dakota businesses interested in bidding on and receiving federal, state and local government contracts.

A specialty center of the South Dakota SBDC, PTAC provides free government contracting assistance to South Dakota businesses. PTACs form a nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals working to provide the best value goods and services to government agencies.

Counseling Services:
  • Identifying opportunities for clients
  • Assistance with submissions of applications, etc.
  • Post award assistance
  • Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
  • On-line resources
  • Assistance to small businesses and small & disadvantaged businesses (SDB's) to locate prime contractors who may wish to subcontract with to them
  • Assistance to large prime contractors to locate viable subcontractors
Other Assistance and Training:
  • Assist with problems and questions
  • Assist in locating appropriate specifications and standards, finding buying histories, locating sources of supply and more.
  • Coordinate with other state agencies who can provide assistance in other business-related areas.

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The Enterprise Institute

Enterprise Institute Logo

The Enterprise Institute is a private, non-profit corporation that provides customized business development, commercialization, and market research services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and startup companies in South Dakota. Our mission is to assist South Dakota's emerging growth entrepreneurs.

The Enterprise Institute provides free, confidential consulting through the SD Small Business Development Center. Specialized fee-based services are also available to entrepreneurs seeking equity financing and to researchers and inventors that need commercialization assistance.

The Institute is credited with formalizing angel investing in South Dakota by organizing and administering angel investment funds. These funds provide early-stage capital to emerging growth companies in the region.

  • We provide business development and commercialization services to researchers, inventors and start-up companies in the region.
  • We offer specialized fee-based services to entrepreneurs seeking equity financing and to researchers and inventors that need preliminary commercialization assistance.

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) 

SBIR logo

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a highly competitive, three-phase grant program. The SBIR program provides $2.5 billion dollars per year through 4,800 awards to small businesses to develop new products and processes that address federal research and development needs.  Eleven federal agencies participate, so topics range from new corps to new weapons systems and from renewable energy to pollution monitoring.

What We Do:

  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Assistance with Federal Registrations
  • Identify Funding Opportunities
  • Link You with University Researchers
  • Proposal Editing
  • Publish Monthly Newsletters

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Governor's Office of Economic Development

SD GOED logo


We Are Here to Help

No matter what your economic development needs in South Dakota are, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development can probably help. We have an array of resources at our disposal – from financing to research, from networking to cutting red tape - that you can use to help your new or existing business grow.

So, What Would You Like to Do?

Finance Your Deal? The GOED offers a full range of financing that may fit your needs. From low-interest loans, to bonds, to small-business needs, our financing programs can handle projects as small as $2,000 to as large as $100 million.

Develop Your Workforce? The Dakota Roots and Dakota Seeds programs have already helped hundreds of companies across the state connect with a capable, talented workforce. Additionally, we can assist with workforce training needs and work closely with the SD Department of Labor to solve other workforce issues.

Train Your Employees? When it comes to training, South Dakota puts its money where its mouth is. Through our Workforce Development Program, companies have access to dollars to help train new AND existing employees. Think your business could benefit by upgrading your employee's skills? Click on the links below to find out more.

The Governor's Office of Economic Development will provide technical assistance to help develop the Workforce Development Program application. Technical assistance is provided to help identify approaches and ideas necessary to develop a successful project.

Network? We understand how important networking is to your business. The GOED has an extensive list of in-state businesses and industry associations that we work with regularly. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we will do what we can to help you make these vital connections. If you have questions, contact your regional business development representative.

Conduct Research? We provide a host of information including a manufacturers directory, property listings, 50-state business cost comparisons, community profiles and industry reports. We can help you understand tax implications and provide individual wage reports and labor profiles.

Receive a Consultation? To make sure specialized help is available for your business, we partner with organizations that offer services including business plan development, early-stage financing recommendations, manufacturing best practices, how to secure defense-related contracts, research opportunities and more.

Promote Your Business? Our Marketing and PR team can help you announce your company’s expansion with press releases, and event planning; we also cross-promote opportunities at industry trade shows. 

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South Dakota Department of Labor

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National Career Readiness Certificate

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) is an industry-recognized, portable, evidence-based credential that certifies essential skills necessary for workplace success. This credential is used across all sectors of the economy and verifies the following cognitive skills:

  • Problem solving 
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading and using work-related text
  • Applying information from workplace documents to solve problems
  • Applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems
  • Setting up and performing work-related mathematical calculations
  • Locating, synthesizing and applying information presented graphically
  • Comparing, summarizing and analyzing information presented in multiple related graphics

Individuals can earn the NCRC by taking three WorkKeys® assessments:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information
  • Reading for Information

WorkKeys assessments measure real world skills employers believe are critical to job success. Test questions are based on situations in the everyday work world. 

Learn more about the NCRC and other services from SD Department of Labor and Regulation


South Dakota My Life

South Dakota My Life logoSDMyLife is an online program assisting students with navigating the career development process since 2008. With the support of teachers, counselors, and parents, SDMyLife's goal is to help students better understand themselves and how their interest, skills, and knowledge relate to real-world academic and career opportunities. South Dakota students use SDMyLife to research, select, and plan their careers. To find a good match, students take interest and ability assessments. They can explore by career cluster, keyword, or school subject. Students can also research postsecondary education and training options, build a portfolio, study with Method Test Prep and find out about scholarships opportunities.

As they progress through high school, students can map their education careers and build a Personal Learning Plan. They can also save assessment scores, log career planning activities and extracurricular involvement, and even build a resume!

South Dakota Department of Education Logo

SDMylife is brought to the students of South Dakota by the South Dakota Department of Education.

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