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Lean Approach to Sales & Marketing

MTS can help you identify opportunities for growth and can assess your current sales practices to design a system that will increase sales in all the markets you serve, providing practices and tracking methods for all elements of the sales process.

MTS can work with the sales functions within companies to create specific processes that will not only drives sales but will make sales that are appropriate for the business. By having an organized sales process that creates a predictable and repeatable stream of business into the company that leads to company growth goals. Every PO is NOT a good PO!


Lean Marketing

Achieve top line growth without breaking the bank. A lean marketing is a step by step system that grows sales and profits by identifying and eliminating areas of waste in the marketing/sales process. The system optimizes and leverages all current marketing assets/processes. It shortens the sales cycle - gets products/services to customers as fast as the customer wants. This approach to marketing can increase sales and profits, increase and speed up cash flow, all without having to spend any more money on traditional advertising/marketing strategies. 

  • Increase the number of prospects
  • Increase the conversion rate of prospects to customers
  • Increase the value or worth of each customer

Sales Funnel Process

Sales Funnel is an organized tool set used to forecast, plan and drive sales relative to operational and business growth requirements. The length and width of the sales funnel varies for every industry and every business. In order to drive business growth, both sales and marketing need to agree what constitutes a qualified lead. A recent survey reveals that 68 percent of B2B sales organizations have not identified their sales funnel. With the help of MTS, your organization can develop a process for narrowing, sorting, analyzing and following up with sales leads, bulding relationships and closing more deals. By aligning your marketing and sales department you can ensure that the funnel will run efficiently.

 Sales Funnel Goals and Hours Graphic


South Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Procurement Technical Assistance logo

The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) provides technical expertise to South Dakota businesses interested in bidding on and receiving federal, state and local government contracts.

A specialty center of the South Dakota SBDC, PTAC provides free government contracting assistance to South Dakota businesses. PTACs form a nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals working to provide the best value goods and services to government agencies.

Counseling Services:
  • Identifying opportunities for clients
  • Assistance with submissions of applications, etc.
  • Post award assistance
  • Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
  • On-line resources
  • Assistance to small businesses and small & disadvantaged businesses (SDB's) to locate prime contractors who may wish to subcontract with to them
  • Assistance to large prime contractors to locate viable subcontractors
Other Assistance and Training:
  • Assist with problems and questions
  • Assist in locating appropriate specifications and standards, finding buying histories, locating sources of supply and more.
  • Coordinate with other state agencies who can provide assistance in other business-related areas.

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