How the SBDC Network Can Help South Dakota Manufacturers

Every business is different and every stage of business is different. Some people may need help with projecting financials, while others may be looking for funding resources, or need help refining their operations. The good news is that the South Dakota Small Business Development Center Network can assist you every step of the way. From writing a business plan to writing a succession plan, and everything in between, we can help you be successful in your business endeavors.

For those of you in the beginning stages of business, your first stop might be the Small Business Development Center. The business advisors there can help you write a business plan, project financials, and analyze the market. They provide one-on-one consulting for anyone looking to turn their business idea into a reality. Their wealth of knowledge and sound advice can leave you with valuable feedback and a clear sense of direction.

If equity financing is an option for funding in your business plan, then The Enterprise Institute may be able to help! The staff does a great job explaining equity financing in simple terms and can prepare people to make smart decisions when it comes to accepting money. Not only do they review equity for entrepreneurs, but they can also help inventors or entrepreneurs determine their competitive landscape and determine if their product or idea is truly unique.

If you have a passion for technology innovation and a desire to profit from potential commercialization, then the SBIR program could be your next stop. This organization can help qualified small businesses with innovative ideas engage in Federal Research & Development. Our local SBIR staff can help prospects with editing their proposals and find funding opportunities specifically with grants or contracts to do research.

South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions is a program that can help businesses expand their capacity to grow, innovate and achieve operational success. From strategic planning to leadership development, SDMTS can help companies improve their profits and production through lean training, quality management, supply chain optimization, automation, and more.

The South Dakota PTAC can assist business entities through all phases of government contracting whether that be at the federal, state or local level. Advisors in the PTAC office can help companies identify subcontracting opportunities, assist with the application process along with help preparing the bid and proposal. Throughout the year, the program holds special training events and webinars to educate and assist businesses with problems and questions related to government contracting.

The South Dakota International Trade Center serves as a resource for small businesses considering exporting or expanding internationally. Their services range from counseling on procedures and international trade techniques to helping structure and compile necessary documents for export financing. Full of expertise and experience, the International Trade Center provides helpful information and insight to companies wanting to grow their business in foreign markets.

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