Manufacturing Day Information

Manufacturing Day is the First Friday of Every October!

2022's Date for MFG day is: Friday, October 7.

Manufacturing is one of South Dakota’s top industries, providing jobs to tens of thousands of people throughout the state. Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is your chance to join manufacturers across the country and tell everyone you’re proud of the contribution you make to people, their families, and communities.

You can show your support by:

  • Hosting tours/events for your community and area students
  • Posting banners/signage
  • Signing proclamations
  • Creating short videos to highlight your people, your facility, and the exciting world of manufacturing

MFG Day is designed to introduce and expose the next generation of workers to the great careers and rewarding work in manufacturing, and it’s become a national tradition that is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana is excited to share information for manufacturers, economic development organizations, and chambers of commerce around the state to help showcase this important industry that is vital to South Dakota's economy.

The South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation will also be posting about the industry for Manufacturing Week during October 3-7, 2022.

Want to Host A MFG Day Event?

  1. Here is a link to the Manufacturing Institute’s event TOOLKIT, filled with helpful information you need to host a successful MFG Day event (mock tours, press releases, agendas, and MORE).
  2. Register your event on the national Manufacturing Day website. Your company name and event will appear on their website
  3. Tag us in your social media video postings (Facebook: @SDmanufacturing, LinkedIn: @SDmanufacturing, Instagram: @SDmanufacturing, Twitter: @SoDakMTS.

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