All Solutions

  1. South Dakota group touring Kentucky manufacturing plant
    Grow Revenue
    Hit your business goals
  2. A man driving a forklift through a warehouse
    Reduce Costs
    Increase your bottom line by reducing your costs
  3. David Veech speaking
    Develop Your Workforce
    Reduce turnover, effectively on-board, and attract future employees
  4. Optimize Automation
    Test high-quality, cost-effective technology before you make a purchase
  5. Six Sigma
    Start a Six Sigma project today
  6. C-Level Peer Council
    Enroll in our monthly leadership group to discuss issues and solutions with executives in similar situations
  7. Photo of MTS group visiting Toyota plant in Kentucky
    Problem Solving Training
    Learn the fundamentals of problem solving the Toyota Way
  8. Supply Chain Total Cost of Ownership
    Increase your competitiveness with a supply chain strategy
  9. Lean Office
    Apply Lean to your administrative functions
  10. HR Executive Roundtable
    Gather with HR professionals to discuss, strategize, and share best practices for advancing your organization
  11. Mfg Work Cells
    Cellular/Flow Manufacturing
    Slash lead times and increase productivity by improving your product flow
  12. “Increase your influence as a leader”.
    Educate and equip employees with a strong working knowledge of Lean
  13. Plant Layout
    Optimize your plant layout to increase your throughput
  14. Set-up Reduction
    Increase your flexibility, reduce your setup times, and improve your product flow
  15. Standard Work
    Apply Standard Work to set your Lean foundation
  16. The 5S System
    Achieve and sustain a clean, safe, and organized workplace with 5S
  17. Business Assessment
    Request a complimentary business assessment
  18. Executive Coaching
    Leverage your strengths and tackle your weaknesses to advance your executive team
  19. Lean Transformation
    Become a Lean manufacturing powerhouse
  20. Robot performing intricate task
    MTS can assist with building prototype designs and market research
  21. ISO
    Communicate to your supply chain partners your commitment to quality
  22. Training Within Industry (TWI)
    Give your employees the skills and tools they need to succeed
  23. Waste Identification
    Learn how to recognize waste and increase productivity
  24. Total Productive Maintenance
    Boost capacity and improve quality by increasing your equipment's life expectancy
  25. Value Stream Mapping
    Learn to see where the true value lies in your processes to optimize your operations
  26. Keith Deibert giving a cybersecurity presentation
    MTS can help identify your company's cybersecurity needs to protect your critical assets