MTS is here to provide insight and recommendations to South Dakota manufacturers looking to improve their bottom line. It’s not always about working harder but about working smarter. Our team can help you analyze your processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement changes in your business so it can become more efficient and profitable. Small improvements can yield big results and compound quickly. Having an outside pair of eyes to assess your processes, identify waste, and provide solutions to eliminate non-value-added activities is a business no-brainer.

“As we continue through our Lean journey we are continuously looking for ways to improve our organization to provide a better product to our customers. . . We’re extremely excited about what the possibilities hold for us. Many thanks to the MTS team for leading us at the start of this journey.”

- Joel Grode, Director of Production

Don't know which Lean project you should start next? Download our "5 Simple Ways to Start Lean" to help determine what your next continuous improvement project is.

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