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Success Stories

our vision is to be your trusted partner

Celebrating Our Clients' Successes

Our vision is “To be the first choice of South Dakota manufacturers, as a trusted partner, to advance their economic prosperity and become best in their markets”.

Every day in manufacturing facilities across South Dakota our business advisors and business development specialists work with business leaders and their teams to solve problems and improve performance. Our client success stories focus on the vital manufacturing functions they provide and the opportunity we at MTS had to help them prosper and grow. Here are a few of our client stories regarding their experience as a result of our business consulting and training. 


Dakota Bodies - Continuously looking for ways to improve

“We quickly learned that formal training of our supervisory team needed to occur for us to be successful,” stated Joel Grode, Director of Production. “This is when I asked a former colleague from Larson Manufacturing who they used – he told me it was South Dakota Manufacturing and Technology Solutions (MTS). We quickly engaged with MTS who conducted an assessment of our operations along with what our goals were. . .

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Legend Air Suspensions Taking a Comfortable Ride on their Lean Implementation

Passion sports always fall prey to soft economies. As the economy softened over the past several years Legend has to make a move to survive. Legends COE Jesse Jurrens choose Manufacturing Technology Solutions(MTS) as the group to transform their organization to be able to weather the slowed economies.

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West Central Manufacturing Closing the Door on Waste!

Commercial construction in South Dakota softened over the past several years during the economic slowdown. West Central had to make a move to survive. CEO James Hoag choose Manufacturing Technology Solutions(MTS) as the group to transform their organization to be able to weather the slowed economies.

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National Institute Standards & Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS) was engaged by a local South Dakota company to help identify the criteria and capabilities needed in a contract manufacturer and material suppliers. MTS worked closely with the client company’s business and engineering leadership to begin the process of identifying needs, gaps and selection criteria of raw material, tooling and contract manufacturing capabilities.

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SRAM Training with Power to Lead their competition with a Lean Implementation

Great Products in small companies often fail due to the limited resources and young process inside the operations. SRAM Division leader James Meyer saw this risk and hired a manufacturing expert to build the correct operation for this new product line. Chris Hamm utilized Manufacturing Technology Solutions (MTS) as the group to transform their organization to be able to scale with new product growth.

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Peppermint Energy Start Up SHINES

As a start-up, Peppermint Energy made the capital-efficient decision to rely on manufacturing partners to build the FORTY2’s, while still being made in the USA. Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS) was called on to identify and interview potential manufacturing partners, including guidance on appropriate ways to evaluate potential partners.

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Persona Signs Inc. Wins Over Skeptics

Persona, Inc., a Watertown, SD sign company, had been named one of just three sign suppliers for McDonald’s. The new account was a huge win for Persona, but it presented a whole new set of challenges. In any year, McDonald’s aims to update hundreds of locations with remodeling or rebuilding—and always with new signs.

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