Success Stories

  1. Transformational Changes in a Transformational Industry
    MTS helped Midstates group improve efficiency, increase sales, and reduce setup time with Lean.
  2. Family-Owned Manufacturer Brings New Jobs to Hometown
    MTS helped HMMI retain jobs, formalize onboarding, and save on costs.
  3. Adapting and Improving in the Additive Manufacturing Space
    MTS helped B9Creations increase sales, save costs, and increase efficiency.
  4. Precision Manufacturer Finds Fast Growth with Certifications
    MTS helped Rensberger Technologies become AS9100 Certified, helping increase sales and quality standards
  5. Rolling Out Transformational Change
    MTS helped Scherer increase their workflow productivity.
  6. Maximizing Potential at Maximum Promotions
    MTS helped Maximum Promotions retain workforce and establish process.
  7. Leveraging Lean at Dakota Storage Buildings
    MTS helped Dakota Storage Buildings reduce their Work-In-Process
  8. Picture Perfect Inspecting
    MTS helped ESI design and integrate automation into their facility.
  9. Concrete Success with Lean Transformation
    Cemcast embarked on Lean projects with MTS.
  10. The Difference in DeSCo
    Leadership reached out to MTS for Statistical Process Control training.
  11. Robotic Technology Helps Offset Workforce Shortage
    MTS helped Applied Engineering, Inc. & The Freeman Company implement innovative solutions to combat their workforce shortage
  12. Muth Electric: Lean Transformation
    Muth reached out to MTS to help them along on their lean journey.
  13. Lean Office Review Results in Quick Savings for Applied Engineering
    Applied Engineering contacted MTS for help improving office workflow.
  14. HMMI Lean Transformation
    HMMI seeked help evaluating their current state and prioritizing projects.
  15. Trail-Eze Triumphs with Lean Cert
    Trail-Eze enrolled in a Lean Certification Course to gain a deeper understanding of Lean.
  16. Tessier's Success Story
    Tessier's Inc. wanted to become more efficient.
  17. Mastel Success Story: Rock Solid Standards
    Mastel brought MTS in to help them uphold their quality standards.
  18. HMMI Embraces Change
    HMMI wanted to expand its manufacturing capacity and improve their product flow.
  19. Masaba Success Story
    MTS conducted a benchmark assessment and led a value stream mapping project for Masaba.
  20. Pride Neon Building
    Pride Neon Lights Up Lean
    MTS helped Pride Neon improve their communications and efficiencies.
  21. Dakota Bodies - Continuously looking for ways to improve
    MTS trained their supervisory team to help them meet their Lean goals.
  22. Cold Spray, Hot Success
    VRC Metals contacted MTS for help expanding their capacity and improving their on-time delivery.
  23. Counterpart - Following a Map To Customer Satisfaction
    MTS helped Counterpart improve their on-time delivery.
  24. Dakota Pump Transformation
    MTS helped Dakota Pump avoid a costly facility expansion and increase their efficiencies.
  25. Flag Shooter - Small Company Pursues National Market
    MTS worked with Flagshooter to strengthen their sales and marketing efforts.
  26. Reliability Guaranteed for 20 Years – A Sioux Company Tradition
    MTS helped Sioux Corporation obtain their ISO registration.
  27. Peppermint Energy Start Up SHINES
    MTS helped Peppermint Energy identify and interview potential manufacturing partners.
  28. Persona Signs Inc. Wins Over Skeptics
    MTS helped Persona streamline their processes.