Adapt and excel in today’s modern manufacturing world by teaching your employees the principles of automation and how they can be applied to a real-world setting. Automation 101 training takes on a similar format to Lean 101 training. Attendees will begin their day with classroom instruction and a lecture on the first lesson. As the day progresses, attendees will go through a series of automation rounds at a fictitious manufacturing facility. Each round will build on the automation lesson taught before the round. Attendees will apply the new concept to the automation simulation and see the impact the new automation tool has on the company’s throughput. After each round attendees will measure their results and discuss their discoveries before moving on to the next section. Attendees will leave the Automation 101 training with a better understanding of what automation can do for their organization and be able to see new opportunities for application.

Training Overview

Lesson 1 - Principles of Lean Automation

Lesson 2 - Process Mapping the Work Cell, Overview of Collaborative Robots (Cobots), and Safety Requirements

Lesson 3 - Vision Systems, ERP transactions

Lesson 4 - Vision Systems with Deep Learning, Lenses, and Lighting, 3D Laser Scanners, Intelligent Vibrating Feeder System and “real time” dashboard to monitor work cell activities


$200 / person or $1,200 for a private company training at your facility with six to ten employees.

MTS is here to educate, train, and assist with identifying and installing the best automation solutions for your organization. If manufacturing companies would like help with their custom design or installation process, feel free to reach out.