A Solution to Workforce Woes

It's not unusual to drive down the street and see hiring signs plastered on the outside of small businesses and family-owned job shops. There is a sense of apprehension and nervousness among local business owners with the news of large, state-of-the-art corporations coming to town. With the strong demand for services and a tight job market, many employers are wondering how they will continue to fill their current positions and retain employees.


In many circumstances, a solution to help sustain productivity and output is to slowly integrate more equipment and technology into your workforce. This can allow you more flexibility and freedom to restructure some of your positions. Redefining positions to make them more enjoyable can help retain your workforce. Upskilling employees can drive employee engagement and allow them to use their creativity and problem-solving skills. Giving employees the responsibility to manage a machine can provide a sense of ownership, resulting in greater employee satisfaction.

Integrating additional technology as an extension to your workforce can also take unwanted pressure and stress off employees racing to meet high quotas. By using technology in your production lines, you can reduce the amount of rework you have because you can identify, gauge, and inspect your parts faster and more accurately.

Where to Start

It’s hard to motivate employees in a role that requires strenuous work in less than ideal working conditions. If you want to start integrating more equipment into your organization but don’t know where to start, we encourage you to think about where you would send someone if you wanted them to quickly quit. This allows you to pinpoint which position modifications you should make first and better understand the needs of your employees.

Take the First Step

If you know there are opportunities for increasing your productivity and are willing to look into different solutions, then that’s a great first step! Being aware of growth opportunities is vital to becoming more competitive. The next step is to hire an expert who can help you make informed decisions on technology integration and ensure success in your facility as you adjust your processes. Working with an expert will allow you to learn and be involved in the entire process. It will also take away the time commitment and strain off doing it yourself. The process will be quicker, and your company will see the benefits sooner.

South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions is a team of unbiased continuous improvement specialists who want what’s best for you and your company. If you’d like to take the next step, please contact one of our business advisors today.