New Peer Groups Launching in July

It’s not easy for many business leaders to confide in other business leaders.

That’s especially true in roles like human resources or being a CEO, where a high level of trust and confidentiality is key.

MTS strives to offer a space for leaders in several different roles to share their experiences, ideas, and feedback with others in similar positions in our peer groups.

MTS has had great success with both its HR Peer Group and CEO Peer Group and will be launching a CFO Peer Group and a Supply Chain Management Peer Group in July.

The monthly meetings are facilitated by subject-matter experts and include roundtable discussions driven by member interests. The groups are designed to be small (under 15 people) so members can effectively network with others in similar job roles and foster strong relationships. Peer group members don't have to be working at manufacturers to be eligible.

Group Member Attributes

No matter the peer group, we are looking for professionals who:

  • have challenges in their organization that would like insight from the group
  • are willing and able to share ideas, knowledge, and feedback
  • are committed to notable, strategic, and organizational growth
  • are seeking professional growth opportunities
  • are willing to address strategy over tactics
  • have ample experience to contribute to the development of other organizations

Available Peer Groups

Click below for more information on the corresponding peer group that fits your job title. Spots are limited!

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