Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Let’s be honest. Grant writing can be intimidating for most people. We don’t get it. It sounds overwhelming, and really, who has time for it? But what if we are leaving valuable money on the table?

Micki Vandeloo, a grant writing expert at Lakeview Consulting, gave us some excellent information and advice on improving our bottom line through grants, tax credits and local government incentives. Here’s what we learned from on our short conversation with Micki.

First, there are many grant misperceptions circulating around in the manufacturing industry, and by far the most popular opinion about grants is that grant funding is not available to for-profit companies. Micki set the record straight by proving the popular opinion false. She wrote a $2.3 million dollar grant for a manufacturer and has tons of evidence supporting manufacturers and collaborations involving manufacturers receiving millions of dollars of funding.

So, now that we know manufacturers can receive grant funding. Why should they pursue it?

They should seek out the funding, because more often than not, they have contributed to it. Most grants come from state economic development sources, and the source of the money for the grants is tax money, so essentially manufacturers are getting money back they have already paid into public coffers.

Another reason manufacturers should pursue grant funding is because it increases their bottom line. When you get a grant, its revenue. When you get a tax credit, it reduces expenses. At the end of the day, either one of those gives you a bigger bottom-line. The funding can help reduce training, research and development expenses, and offset the costs related to growth initiatives.

An easy way to get started with grant writing is to hire an expert. The team at Lakeview Consulting is one of few grant writers who work specifically with manufacturers. They are experts and can save manufacturers a lot of money and time in the process.

If manufacturers are interested in looking to apply for grant money, the easiest way to start would be to contact Micki. Her wealth of knowledge and experience can get manufacturers on the right track quickly. To start a conversation with Micki, feel free to email her at or visit her website at

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