Eight Reasons to Attend the 2021 South Dakota Manufacturers’ Summit

If you have attended the South Dakota Manufacturers’ Summit in the past, then you know it's an exciting day full of continuous improvement and professional development. If you haven’t experienced the Summit for yourself, read through why you should clear your calendar and register for this year’s event on September 9, 2021.


Continuous improvement requires continuous learning. When you attend the South Dakota Manufacturers’ Summit, you leave with a ton of new, applicable information to take your business to the next level. We pride ourselves on creating the ONLY event in South Dakota that focuses on your unique manufacturing needs. This year, speaking tracks include topics like automation, supply chain, workforce, quality, and biotech.

Networking Opportunities

Manufacturers and business leaders gather from across the state. The day provides you with numerous opportunities to meet and mingle with others in both the manufacturing and new for this year, the biotech industry, too. The professional relationships formed at our Summit are important not only for your network but also for the strength and quality of manufacturing in South Dakota. We are stronger together.

    Keynote Speaker

    Each year, we invite a knowledgeable keynote speaker or two to be a part of the South Dakota’s Manufacturers’ Summit. These keynote speakers address everything from accountability to leadership, future trends, and how to achieve peak performance. Attendees especially like the time at the end to ask questions related specifically to their organization. This year we have John McElligott as our keynote speaking on automation and how it can help rural cities in particular.

    Workforce Development

    Our Summit is always hosted at one of the technical colleges in South Dakota including Southeast Technical College in Sioux Falls this year. Previous hosts include Mitchell Technical College, Western Dakota Technical College, and Lake Area Technical College, meaning we always have several students in attendance which allows you the opportunity to meet and shake hands with future employees.

    New Technology

    Technology is changing at an exponential rate in the manufacturing industry. How do you keep track of everything? We bring in vendors from across the country to share with you what new technology is on the market. We also like to demonstrate a cobot’s capabilities so you can see how an affordable piece of technology could benefit your organization.

    Team Bonding

    The Manufacturers’ Summit is always a good time. Not only is the day full of learning, but an excellent opportunity for you and employees to grow together. The event is a fun function your employees can look forward to all year long and is a day well spent out of the office.

    New Ideas

    If you’ve been stuck in a rut when it comes to evolving and growing your manufacturing business, our Summit is sure to inspire you to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. The networking opportunities, breakout sessions, and discussions could give you the extra inspiration you need to start implementing new ideas and strategies at your facility.

      Meet the MTS Team

      Our entire MTS team will be at the Manufacturers’ Summit. We love meeting with attendees and sharing more about our services and how we can help. You can find us wearing shirts with the MTS logo, so don’t be afraid to say hi!

      Excited to attend? Register for the event by clicking here. Group discounts are also available. For sponsorship opportunities, reach out to Morgan Larson, MTS Business Advisor and Marketing Manager.