Introducing Morgan Larson

We’d like to introduce you to our newest employee, Morgan Larson! With a background in marketing and advertising, Morgan is helping us grow our product offerings for manufacturers around South Dakota in that space. With over a decade of experience working for Fortune 100 companies to startups alike on digital marketing strategies, she can plug and play into your organization and steer you in the right direction. Learn more about her with the following questions.

What do you do at South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS)?

“I am a business advisor at South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions, specifically helping manufacturers with their marketing and employee recruitment needs. I also work within MTS to help with marketing to-dos for our group and assist with organizing our annual events like the Manufacturers’ Summit coming up this fall. (Shameless plug to get your tickets here today!) :) I’m excited to work both externally with our clients and internally for MTS.”

What do you love most about working here?

“The MTS mission of helping manufacturers prosper and grow in South Dakota is one that I’m very passionate about. Growing up in a small town in SD and now living in Sioux Falls, I know just how important our manufacturers are to communities of all sizes. I’m absolutely elated that at the end of the day, I get to help create and keep jobs in my home state.

In my short time here, I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve already made with our smaller manufacturers in the state and learning about what they’re producing. I love that I get the opportunity each day to help SD manufacturers prosper, tell their stories, and recruit others to work in the industry.”

What’s your favorite thing about the manufacturing industry?

“Being newer to the manufacturing industry I didn’t realize just how varied the products being produced in SD are and how connected many of the manufacturers are to each other. My eyes have been opened to just a fraction of the amazing things manufacturers in our own backyard are making and the intricate processes they take to get there.

In my few weeks here I’ve already toured a few facilities. I’ve had the opportunity to watch a laser welder perform tasks previously unachievable by traditional welding, observe the final hand-painted details come to life on a custom stagecoach, and learn about the intricacies of toner production for printers/copiers. Every day is like a new episode of How It’s Made for me. I learn SO much each time I visit a manufacturer and continue to be in awe at how they keep our everyday lives going in about every way possible.”

How would you describe MTS to others?

“I’m still working on my “elevator pitch” but I typically say MTS helps South Dakota manufacturers reduce costs, grow revenue, and develop their workforce with training and consulting services. Our offerings span from leadership development, lean training, and process improvement to automation, finance, and marketing assistance. No matter the area of business, we’ll be able to find solutions or connect you with someone that can.

I work with some amazing folks that genuinely want to help in any way possible. MTS is a valuable resource for the manufacturers in our state.”

What’s your favorite app to use at the moment?

“This is pretty basic but app-wise, Instagram has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. I love it as a social media platform for both personal and business use. I especially love learning more about a company or individual in a behind-the-scenes manner with the “stories” and “reels” features within the app. I also love photography so it’s a wonderful place to see some amazing work and get inspired.”

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

“I have a five-month-old son so I now love to spend as much time as possible with him and my husband. This summer we’ve been heading up to Lake Thompson a lot and teaching my son all about lake life on the weekends. This fall I’m sure we’ll be teaching him about all things tailgating once college football season starts. :) “

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