Meet Chad Goldammer!

Chad Goldammer

Everyone, meet our newest business advisor, Chad Goldammer! We are happy to have him join forces with the MTS team. We thought we would ask him a few questions to give people a chance to get to know him better. Let’s dive into the conversation we had with Chad.

What do you do at South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions?

I am a business advisor at South Dakota Manufacturing & Technology Solutions, who will focus on helping manufacturers overcome their financial shortfalls. I will also work with MTS to develop backend budgets and reporting. I’m excited to work both internally and externally with clients.

What do you love most about working here?

My favorite part about working at MTS is getting to know all of the great people working in manufacturing within South Dakota. I look forward to helping companies become more efficient on the accounting side of their business.

What’s your favorite thing about the manufacturing industry?

My favorite thing about the manufacturing industry is the positive impact it has on our community and the benefits it brings to the State of South Dakota.

How did you get connected to the industry?

I took a controller role at Sara Lee Bakery (now Bimbo Bakeries USA) back in 2008 and have been in the manufacturing field ever since.

What’s your favorite tool/app to use at the moment? Why?

I would have to say my iPhone. It allows me to stay in touch with everyone at any time. Plus, it can hold multiple apps all in one place.

How would you describe MTS to others?

It’s a fabulous place to work. The culture here is phenomenal with everyone involved and willing to chime in with possible solutions, best practices, etc. The MTS group here is very passionate about helping South Dakota Manufacturers continuously improve.

Favorite thing to do outside of work?

I like to stay active. I coach both my daughters’ basketball and softball teams. I used to run a lot, so hopefully, I can get back into that in 2021.