The HR peer group is an organized group of human resource professionals focused on developing innovative solutions and solving problems together.

Members of the HR peer council get to know others within their field who can appreciate the situations of others in similar roles. By networking and forming relationships, members build trust with others in their field and share connections when applicable. While members all have their roles and responsibilities in common, they also benefit from learning from others and their different experiences. HR peer council members help each other work through new concepts, share what they’ve done before that’s worked well (or hasn’t), and brainstorm new ideas together.

The HR roundtable provides members with high-quality content and actionable takeaways. The meeting content is strategic and selected based on the needs of its members. The monthly meetings are facilitated by subject-matter experts, typically formatted as roundtable discussions driven by member interests. Because the membership group is small, members can effectively network with others in HR roles and foster strong relationships.

Although membership is geared toward the manufacturing industry, other industries may be represented for a diverse mix of perspectives.