Driving Continuous Improvement through Leadership

Lean Leadership for Supervisors is the key to developing new leaders and optimizing operations. The training focuses on manufacturing content and leadership strategies to help participants improve performance and lead effectively.

Session Overview

  1. Building Your Lean Leadership Foundation
  2. Understanding Yourself and Others
  3. Living into Your Values
  4. Fundamental Lean Principles
  5. Priority and Time Management
  6. Delegating and Motivating with Purpose
  7. Approaching Difficult Conversations
  8. Effective Goal Setting
  9. Becoming a Coaching Leader
  10. Lean Problem-Solving and Decision Making
  11. How to Manage Your Team Effectively
  12. Final Project Presentation


  • Apply personal kanban to get organized and increase productivity
  • Sharpen your skills in navigating difficult conversations
  • Master the art of coaching to help your team execute at peak performance
  • Integrate Plan-Do-Check-Act into problem-solving
  • Combine goal setting and accountability in strategic ways to foster growth
  • Increase your influence as a leader
  • Explore different leadership styles and how to apply them


Lean Leadership for Supervisors is specifically designed to accommodate the daily schedules of its participants. Supervisors, or soon-to-be supervisors, will meet for four hours every-other-week for 12 weeks allowing participants only minimal time away from the workplace as well as time in between sessions to implement what they learned during the course. The cost of the course is $2,500, which includes the DiSC Assessment for Managers fee and all materials.